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Selous Game Reserve / Nyerere National Park

The biggest Game Reserve in Africa



The jewel in the Indian Ocean

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Selous Game Reserve/Nyerere National Park

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Africa Safari selous

Directly located on the border of the Game Reserve

Location GPS: 7° 45’ 3.265’’ S - 38° 14’ 27.581’’ E

Africa Safari Selous is more than an accommodation site, it is a ‘lodging experience’ like no other you are likely to encounter. Situated just outside the Selous G.R./Nyerere National Park in southern Tanzania, the accommodation site is spacious with much of the original plant life preserved, promoting environmental importance that is evident in each of the carefully constructed lodgings. The most notable accommodations are the 24 ‘mud bandas’ which were built based on Bomas, the traditional homes of the Maasai people. Circular in shape and thatched with woven dried palm leaves, these spacious en suite rooms are traditional in appearance on the outside and made only with earth derived materials providing natural insulation from the heat. Inside they have been crafted with tiled flooring and fitted out with large wooden beds and modern bedding to provide all the necessities that come to be expected from modern-day accommodations. The bandas are a perfect combination of culture and luxury and a not-to-be-missed ‘experience’ during your visit to Selous G.R. / Nyerere National Park. In addition to the featured banda bungalows, Africa Safari Selous offers several pool bungalows spaciously positioned around the on-site pool. The large size of the rooms fitted out with a variety of bedding options makes them perfect for families or smaller groups of friends sharing their travel adventures. The bathrooms in the bungalows are naturally aerated and environmentally sound lined with bamboo, they are a unique feature in themselves. And of course, no Safari lodging would be complete without canvas homes – otherwise referred to as ‘Luxury Glamping’. The four canvas-based en-suite rooms are scattered throughout the bushlands of the property, providing a bush/camping feel but with the luxurious necessities of modern-day travel. For the more adventurous amongst our guests, we also offer Safari Tents, centrally situated on the property.

Located in the South of Tanzania at Selous Game Reserve/Nyerere National Park, Africa Safari Selous is situated, near to the famous Rufiji River, accessible by road and by air. The nearest airstrip, Mtemere Airstrip, is located a mere 12-minute drive away, next to the Mtemere entry gate. We can fly you from Zanzibar in no time, a 50-minute flight in the 13 seater Cessna Caravan or a 30-minute flight in the 30 seater Embraer EMB 120. From Dar Es Salaam it is only a 35-minute flight or 6 hours by road.

Land of safaris, nature, culture and wildlife.


Selous Game Reserve / Nyerere National Park

Welcome to the biggest Game Reserve in Africa

It’s one of the largest remaining wilderness areas in Africa. The reserve is crossed by the second biggest river in Tanzania, the Rufiji River, creating a very dynamic ecosystem. Departing from Zanzibar you will fly here in less than one hour in a sturdy bush plane. The Cessna Caravan can comfortably seat 13 passengers and its build is perfect for getting you safely to the airstrip in Selous G.R. / Nyerere National Park, where your safari vehicle will be waiting. Selous G.R. / Nyerere National Park is home to over 350 species of birds and reptiles, the species of plants account for about 2000 species as well as a wide range of wildlife from African bush elephant, lions, hippopotamus, Cape buffaloes, Masai giraffe, zebra and crocodile and everything in between. It is also one of the most important sanctuaries in Africa for the endangered African wild dog. Selous G.R. / Nyerere National Park is a game reserve, resulting in a large advantage over the national parks, in the sense that you have more freedom to explore and can drive offroad. Even on busy days, it is still not overpopulated. Africa Safari Selous is situated in one of the world’s best safari locations. Take the opportunity to join us for an unforgettable safari experience!


Daily flights between Zanzibar’s beaches & safari destinations

Take the opportunity to fly from Zanzibar, and arrive in the middle of the game-rich areas of Tanzania’s national parks.

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In the south of Tanzania, Selous Game Reserve/Nyerere National Park is the largest wildlife area in Africa. Hundreds of species of plants, mammals, and birds. A tower of giraffes galloping over the plains, a herd of gazelles grazing, a pride of lions sunbathing, a gang of buffaloes staring at you, a flock of rollers passing by… and last but not least, Selous is one of the few sites where you still can find several packs of African wild dogs.

Twice daily, we fly from Zanzibar to Selous Mtemere Airstrip and back to Zanzibar, an early morning flight and a late afternoon flight.

Next to the Selous flights we organize also flights to the Northern Safari Circuit, please check the link below for more information.

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Discover our accommodations in Zanzibar

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Paradise Beach Resort ****

Located in Marumbi, directly on a white sandy beach, with beautiful rooms in a traditional African style

Reef & Beach Resort ****

Located in Jambiani, directly on the beach, with beautiful rooms styled in a traditional Zanzibar style

Zanzibar Bay Resort ****

Located in Marumbi, directly on the beach, with beautiful rooms and recently constructed (2020)

Dream of Zanzibar Resort *****

Opening 15 December 2022. Dream of Zanzibar Resort is a unique boutique-style holiday location on the east coast of Zanzibar

Shaba Boutique Hotel ***

Placed in the center of Stone Town, with charismatic rooms full of details and it is only a 2 minute walk to the beach

Enjoy the ultimate Beach & Safari Holiday.

There is no better way to end your safari than by spending a few days/week relaxing on the pristine beaches of the exotic Zanzibar Island. Zanzibar is an island of culture, history and art. Stroll through the cobbled alleyways of the historic Stone town and as you pass by one of the many palace ruins and Persian baths it is impossible not to be captivated by the strong Arabian influence and romanticism of the Island. The coastal regions are the perfect places to relax and rejuvenate. Spend some lazy days along stretches of white sandy beaches, dive into the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean or explore the underwater world surrounding the island by taking a dive or snorkelling tour. Allow time to stand still as you sip a cool beverage, enjoy the finest of fresh seafood and watch one of the many spectacular sunsets on display.

Giant turtoise in Prision island, near to Zanzibar in Tanzania, Africa, with close ups of them


Prison Island is named after the prison built there for islanders, but it was never used as such. Now the island is home to a tortoise shelter. Prison Island is located 20 minutes by boat from Stone Town and has some beautiful coral reefs. Giant tortoises walking through the trees, with the calm and parsimony that comes with their advanced age, reaching over 190 years!


Zanzibar also has a National Park, the Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park. It has an area of 50km2 and is home to the well-known local monkey, the "red Colobus", which is in danger of extinction.

This species of monkey can be recognized by its black and white colours with red hair and pink spot around the nose and mouth. It is endemic to the island of Zanzibar. The "red Colobus" monkeys are very photogenic and accompanied by a guide, you will get very close to them. You can also take a walk through the old forest and mangroves.

Two red Colobuse Monkey in a rainforest of Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park, Zanzibar, Tanzania, Africa

Zanzibar excursions

Zanzibar, located on the east coast of Africa, is considered one of the jewels of the Indian Ocean.

Nature and history go hand in hand on this island. Visit the historic Stone Town, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, or enjoy the sun on one of the island's paradisiacal beaches. Discover the local wildlife (red Colobus monkey, for example) or use the island as a base for Safaris. Whatever you choose, Zanzibar is the ideal place for your holidays.

Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous state within Tanzania and consists of three main islands: Unguja (or Zanzibar), Pemba and Tumbatu Island.



Discover the underwater world of Mnemba

A short boat trip takes us to this place that is in the top 10 of the best snorkelling sites in the world. The waters are shallow and have a great variety of corals and about 600 species of fish, three species of dolphins, humpback whales... In short, it's like snorkelling in an aquarium!



The island of spices

In the old days, Zanzibar was known as the "island of spices": cloves, vanilla, nutmeg or cardamom are exported all over the world. The spices, which originally came from Asia and South America, thrived perfectly in the island's tropical climate. Walk with your guide through the spice farm. It will give you an insight into local life and you will have the opportunity to try some Swahili dishes and some local fruit, all accompanied by a good spiced tea.



Follow the trail of sultans, slaves and explorers through the streets of Stone Town

The guide's stories will take you back in time. Discover the spice market, the many kinds of seafood sold in the fish market, the loaves of bread in the baskets and the fruit and vegetables piled up in the vendors' stalls.


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